What IBS is and is not. Explore resources for further learning, self evaluation, and how to connect with professional help.
Short videos, led by Dr. Alter, to guide you through breathing practices, sleep meditations, and more.
There are clear connections between IBS symptoms and diet, but why do some foods work better than others and why do some foods only work some of the time?
Stress not only contributes to inflammation in the body; it also trains the body to over react to other events as stressors! How can you regain your resilience and break this cycle?
Our lifestyles include diet (both what we eat and how we eat), sleep, exercise, relationships, hobbies, and self care practices. This is called your DIATA. How is your diata helping or hurting your IBS?
Sleep is the body's and the mind's reset button. It is an incredible healer. And it is integral to the normal functioning of our microscopic and macroscopic systems. How can you facilitate restful sleep with IBS symptoms?