FAQs for Health Professionals

What scientific evidence supports the usefulness of this program?

The program rests upon considerable research support drawn from different domains of study into the nature of IBS and what makes a positive impact on its expression. Specifically, the program incorporates findings and practices related to the mind-brain-gut connection (neurophysiology), the gut microbiome and diet, stress response patterns and IBS reactivity patterns, the role of sleep in biological and psychological self-regulation, the impact on past trauma on gut dysregulation, and on the evidence for the positive and lasting benefits for learning self-regulation skills and the ability to form new and healthier lifestyle habits.

What are the features and benefits of IBS Relief Now?

IBS Relief Now is structured as an 8-week, self-contained program that is comprehensive, integrative, and holistic in focus. Each weekly session contains two videos and downloadable resources, which combine informational learning and experiential practices to optimize healthy skill-building.

Program users gain access to more than 10 hours of resources designed for use in the privacy and comfort of their home. The program is priced with client budgets in mind. The program incorporates the information, tools, techniques, and practices that I have utilized in my work with IBS sufferers for 30 years. This information has been confirmed by the research world that it provides the best and most enduring results.  

How much does the program cost?

The 10+ hours of resources that comprise the IBS Relief NOW program would normally cost several thousand dollars. However, the program’s is priced at only $247 and includes unlimited access to all the material and resources in the program, and also includes free access to additional material Dr. Alter will periodically send out that highlights the latest research on IBS management and/or offers specific suggestions or practices that can help reduce the negative impact of IBS on client’s lives.

Will IBS Relief Now replace what I do with these clients?

The program is designed to supplement and complement what you already do with IBS sufferers. There is no substitute for an in-person work-up. For busy medical health professionals, the program offers a powerful therapeutic tool kit that frees you up to address other client concerns. For busy behavioral health professionals, the program trains clients in a set of self-regulatory skills that can better assist them in addressing with you the various personal issues that are otherwise masked and therefore less accessible when IBS takes center stage in therapy.

Is IBS Relief Now covered by health insurance?

IBS Relief Now is not currently covered by any health insurance plans. It is a private pay program, which is priced at a major discount from what the program would cost in co-pays or co-insurance arrangements.

What happens if a client has specific concerns that develop while they are involved in the program? Is there a way to reach Dr. Alter?

There are two ways to connect. Program purchasers are encouraged to post questions to the program forum. Dr. Alter monitors the postings and responds to the forum so that common concerns can receive responses that can be helpful to many individuals. Also, Dr. Alter can be reached directly at dr.alter@ibsreliefnow.com with specific concerns. Four personal email exchanges are included in the program’s cost. For individuals seeking a personal consultation or more active contact with Dr. Alter, these services are available for a program up-charge.