Hi, I'm Dr. Alter!

For more than 30 years I have been practicing clinical psychology, focusing on a holistic approach to healing. Over my career I have worked with countless patients whose lives have been upended by the symptoms of IBS and IBS-related struggles.

Many of these individuals come to consult with me as a last resort. Most patients tried traditional treatments involving expensive tests and medications but were overcome with frustration and hopelessness about ever being able to live without IBS dominating each moment of their daily lives.

Both clinicians and the general public are coming to learn that the most effective treatment for syndromes like IBS is a holistic approach.

This approach requires integrating lifestyle, diet, stress management, sleep, personal history, and many other factors into an accessible set of practices that gradually helps build long-lasting and effective physical, emotional, and mental self-management.

Through years of research and testing I have developed a treatment approach that has helped hundreds of people obtain relief from their IBS symptoms while enlarging and enriching their lives.

As a practicing clinical psychologist, I'm only able to see a small number of clients in any given week.

In my 8-week program, you’ll get access to the same techniques I use in practice, and you can use it in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  

If you are suffering from IBS and looking for an affordable, convenient solution that respects your uniqueness while building on proven practices that have helped many others just like you, please sign up below to learn more about this proprietary course.  

Get started on your road to relief today.