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So you have IBS...

• Embarrassing bathroom visits

• Terrible stomach pains

• Fussy diet restrictions

• Poor body confidence

• Social life anxieties

• Shame spiraling

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Introducing: “IBS Relief Now” the most effective online program for managing IBS symptoms


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Why Does This Course Work?

While IBS is common among people in the US, traditional medicine has little to offer in terms of effective, lasting treatment. Medication only works some of the time and often causes even more disruptions to one’s life. To fully treat IBS symptoms, it is critical to understand the unique causes of each person's IBS.

This course is the first holistic, comprehensive, integrative treatment, which means it will finally give you the relief you deserve.

IBS Relief Now is the direct outgrowth of my success in treating hundreds of people with IBS. My course addresses each of the unique factors in your life that contribute to your continued IBS symptom pattern. The course then helps you remedy these factors to alleviate your IBS symptoms.

Modern medical research is continually uncovering more evidence of the vast interconnectedness of the human mind, brain, and body. IBS, in particular, is a syndrome that requires a holistic approach.

“The program is confirming and comprehensive and a good prod to greater mindfulness and better awareness of and digesting of the effects of the past…So far, it has helped me remember to pace my life a bit differently and to remember to dwell more calmly within myself in relation to past and current upsets.” - B.M., PhD

Here's What You'll Get...

Week One: What does a Body-Mind Perspective Mean to Managing My IBS

In this introductory session, I’ll introduce how the physical parts of your body, including your digestive tract, interact with your emotional states, thoughts, beliefs, and your outlook on life. This session helps you appreciate why IBS is never just about a gluten-free diet or controlling anxiety or taking probiotics.

Week Two: Your Bodymind’s Second Brain (The Enteric Brain)

Your digestive system was already developing even before you had a brain! Our modern gut has its own brain, which is called the enteric nervous system. This session will guide you in understanding how to have your central nervous system (brain) work more smoothly with your enteric nervous system (gut) to ease difficulties related to IBS.

Week Three: Self-nourishment: It is about more than what you put in your mouth

Week three takes eating and self-nourishment to a whole new level. This session guides you to understand your gut microbiome, what it needs to support your overall health, all the way to more deeply appreciating that eating is as much about emotional self-care and building social connections as it is about your nutritional needs.

Week Four: Two Sides of the Same Coin – Digestive and Emotional Health

Your enteric nervous system is intimately connected to your emotional health and to well-regulated functioning of your entire body. In this fourth week, I’ll guide you to discover the two-way path between soothing your digestive functioning and stabilizing your emotional well-being. Learn to create a calmer gut and a calmer emotional mind.

Week Five: Why Doing the Unexpected is Important for Building Resilience

None of us can – or should – lead a stress-free life. That’s right! Stress can be really good for our digestive and overall health. The key is in learning how to handle stressors with effective counter-intuitive coping strategies. In week five, I’ll guide you to develop your counter-intuitive coping skills and cultivate lasting emotional and physical resilience.

Week Six: Sleep: Your Bodymind’s Reboot Button

We will focus on an under-reported and under-recognized problem that is often an important key to gaining effective IBS control. Sleep is the body’s primary system activity for repairing the effects of the grind of daily life. Sleep strengthens the brain, fine-tunes our body’s functional needs, and resets the body’s natural rhythms, including the gut’s optimal digestive rhythm.

Week Seven: Emptying Out the Closet: Learning to Let Go of the Past

Up to 40% of people with IBS report experiences from their past that were upsetting, painful, and often traumatic. The lingering effects of the past can interfere with gaining control in the present. This week orients you to important practices that help you to “let go” of what was so you can more easily grasp hold of what you would like to create in your life going forward.

Week Eight: Putting it all Together

We’ve covered a lot! Not every piece of this program is relevant to each person in the same way. So, in session eight, we go over a process to make the elements of IBS Relief Now work just for you! Together, we’ll help you build your personalized IBS self-management plan.

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